Water Skiing in Goa

Experience the thrill of water skiing in the beaches of Goa

The imagination to walk on water has always captivated the human mind. Water Skiing as a sport gives you the chance to live this dream. It is basically a sport in which an individual is pulled by a boat or cable ski connection over a water body, skimming the surface of water with his/her feet. The skier should have good upper and lower body strength and good balance.

Goa happens to be the perfect place for this sport. Water skiing has gained a lot of popularity among water sport adventurers. The fact that even children could try out this sport is something unique. Water skiing needs a bit of training and practice before one could actually try this sport out.

There are various places at Goa which offers you this sport. You can go to Candolim beach located at 15 km north of Panjim—the capital of Goa. You can also try out Calangute beach, which merges with Candolim beach towards the end. Though the beach roads are filled with shops and restaurants, the beaches are kept free and hence; these beaches are a safe haven for water sport activities. Other places where you could try out water skiing are Utorda beach—located in South Goa and Arossim beach.

Safety Measures

Though water skiing is a fun-filled adventure sport, one needs to take safety measures else it can turn out to be a potentially dangerous game.

  • There should be water space of 200 feet (61 meters) at-least and water should be at-least 5 to 6 feet deep.
  • The boat should remain at-least 100 feet away from docks, shore and swim areas.
  • The skier should know how to swim or wear a life jacket.
  • The tow boat must have at-least two people in it.
  • There needs to be a standard set of hand-signals established between the skier and the boat driver.

Observing the right safety measures will help you have a unique experience of the amazing sport. Water skiing a must try for water sport lovers visiting Goa.

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