Rann away to Kutch

Close your eyes and imagine a land filled with chirping birds of every colour the spectrum holds.This mystifying description doesn’t do justice to the largest salt marsh in India, the great Rann of Kutch. The Rann is a beautiful salt desert and perhaps the only one of its kind in the world. In winter, the Great Rann of Kutch is a breeding ground for flamingos and pelicans. It is the only place in India where flamingos come to breed and is home to rare species of both birds and animals.
The highest point in Kutch, Kalo Dungar provides a scenic view of the Rann and the Thar desert for as far as the human eye can see. The experience is non earthlike, transporting you to a magical land where time stands still and winds cease to blow. Kutch is well connected by road and trains from Ahemedabad and Gandhinagar. Ahemedabad in turn has regular flights to and from major cities making the trip more convenient. November to March is the best time to visit as the monsoons lend an unpleasant, not to mention unsafe, atmosphere to the otherwise wonderful place.
In the end, you’ll come back with an experience almost too surreal to be true. And that is Kutch, the sheer beauty of absolute nothingness.

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