Ladakh- This is what heaven must look like.

As you enter the kingdom of the Himalayas, the majestic ranges with all its facets manages to stun you to silence. It’s varied landscape from lush greenery to snow peaked mountains, mountain dessert, and the lakes in the oasis valley screams paradise. And when you hit the city of Leh the warm smiles of the Ladakhis as they greet you ‘Juley’ is simply contagious and finds you enraptured.

The best way to experience the lifestyle of the Ldakhis is to saty in Guest Houses where you get to enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals . Ladakhis are not caught up in the rat race of life and living with them will make you slow down and appreciate the subtle joys of living.

Trekking in this magnificent landscape is the best way to explore this scenic destination where every glimpse keeps you enthralled, because of its simplicity and charm. There are several trekking routes ranging from easy , moderate and challenging.

Some Interesting facts about Ladakh

Ladakh – The Land of High Passes
Area: 98,000sq km
Altitude: 7,500m Max.
Population: 250,000
Religion: Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism
Geographical Status: Cold Mountain Desert

Ladakh is known as the ‘Land of high passes’ as it is nestled across the Kashmir Valley and over the Ancient Zoji La pass. Ladakh is nature at its extreme. A land of freezing winds and blazing sunlight, Ladakh is a cold desert lying in the rain shadow of the Great Himalayas and other smaller ranges. Little rain and snow reaches this dry area, where the natural forces have created a fantastic landscape.

Ladakh was once covered by a Lake. The main source of water here is the melted water from the snow which is carried down by smaller streams and thus helps in irrigation. The farmers usually pray that the rains should not destroy their crops and the sun should melt the snow which should be the real source of irrigation. It is interesting and shocking to know that the place does not receive any water from the rain for almost 300 days in one year.

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